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Dr. Fergal Tuffy Profile picture

Dr. Fergal Tuffy

Technology Innovation Manager

+442871 276390
Innovation r & D Funding New product development
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Nicola Curry Profile Picture

Nicola Curry

Business Development Officer

+442871 276526
Bespoke Training Skills focus Workforce Development Upskilling
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Bronagh Fikri Profile Picture

Bronagh Fikri

European & International Projects Officer

+442871 276179
European & International Projects Officer International office Collaboration Erasmus
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Aaron McKeever profile Picture

Aaron McKeever

Technical consultant - Creative & Digital Media

+4422871 276415
Media & Moving Image Creative Technologies Digital animation & Motion Graphics Brand Identity
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Paul McCauley Profile Picture

Paul McCauley

Technical consultant - ICT & Creative Technologies

+4422871 276496
PHP HTML 5 Design & Art Direction Visual Communication
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Brian McDermott profile Picture

Brian McDermott

Food development Centre Manager

+4422871 276048
New Product Development Route To Market Mentoring Recipe Engineering Menu Development
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Karen Marran profile Picture

Karen Marran

Technical consultant - Food Technology

Food Technology Food product developer Ingredient source & selection Nutrition / Allergen mentoring
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David McDaid Profile Picture

David McDaid

Technical Consultant - Product Design

Product Design Engineering Manufacturing CAD
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Stephen Smith Profile Picture

Stephen Smith

Technical Consultant – Engineering

Solid Works Manufacturing CAD Engineering
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Catherine odonnell Profile Picture

Catherine O'Donnell

Technology & Innovation Administrator

Report Writing Budgetary and Financial Management Marketing ICT
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Clare McLaughlin profile Picture

Clare McLaughlin

Business Development Assistant
Computer literacy Organisational and planning techniques Collation of business reports Financial reporting
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Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance.


Supporting your business is our business.

The main areas of support are:

  • Bespoke training and upskilling
  • Innovation activities
  • Research and development (r&D)

We want to assist your business to develop and grow.
We undertake free needs analysis and then provide signposting to funding and assist with applications to source funding to deliver upon your needs.
We then work with companies to deliver tailored solutions, through our technical consultants and College academic staff.

Training for local businesses

The NWRC can offer a wide range of training depending upon your business needs.
We can work with you whether it is a standard training qualification or whether you require a tailored solution to meet your requirements, we aim to provide a flexible approach.
As an example, under the DfE funded Skills Focus programme we can help you access 75% funding towards the cost of the training (subject to terms and conditions).

Contact us here, for a free training need analysis for your business.
Assisting your business is our business.

Business support image BSC NWRC

Local Business support image BSC NWRC

Innovation and research & Development (r&D)

We can assist you on your journey to enhance existing products and services or develop new ones, from concept development and ideas generation through to design and prototyping and materials sourcing.
There are numerous sources of funding that can assist on this journey, where we can help you get the funding and then we can deliver innovative solutions for your business.

Development of Innovation Projects

NEWDEAL is an EU Leonardo Development of Innovation Project involving partners from France, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Italy and the UK.
The research focus of the multilateral project aims to support businesses to enhance the management of staff career paths recognising the learning gained on the job. NEWDEAL will help new employees have a clearer perspective of the professional development they require and to self-assess the competences gained.
NEWDEAL supports enterprises and employees in the management of knowledge and competences gained on the job.
It does so through the development of a web platform which defines the skills expected for a given job profile, the entry competences of new employees covering that job, and the training needed to cover the possible gap between the two.

Local Business support image BSC NWRC

Skills Focus

Industry Training Courses
Save up to 75% on your training costs

Skills focus training business support centre

Skills focus training business support centre
Skills focus training business support centre

Under the DfE funded Skills Focus
initiative the North West Regional College can provide accredited bespoke training aimed at up-skilling employees within your business. The North West Regional College will provide your business with a free training need analysis service that will identify your specific skills gaps and work with you to plan a programme aimed at bridging those skills gaps. Training will be tailored at a time and place that suits your business needs and can be delivered on College premises or your business premises. The North West Regional College will plan a bespoke solution that can be a short intervention or a longer term programme depending on your business needs.

Sectors include the following:

  • Engineering - Welding, AutoCAD and Lean Manufacturing Business Improvement Techniques
  • Built Environment - HETAS Installer Training and OFTEC Oil Fired Training
  • Tourism and Hospitality - Barista Coffee Art, Cocktails, Food Safety, Customer Service, Spectator Safety Training
  • Health and Social Care - Health and Social Care Diploma’s, Clinical Healthcare Support, Specialist Dementia Care, End of Life Care and First Aid training
  • Science - Pharmacy Services Level 2
  • Business and IT - Team Leading, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership and Management, Microsoft, Web Development and E-Marketing training

The above is only a short overview of what can be achieved please get in contact to explore further options.

To be eligible for the funding you must be:

1. Registered private limited company

2. Under 250 employees

3. Training must be accredited at level 2 or above

NWRC Prospectuses

Please use the link below to view our prospectuses:


2015/16 FT Prospectus

2015/16 PT Prospectus

Community Prospectus

Contact us for a free needs analysis to identify how we can assist your business. We will then work with your company to deliver a tailored solution to meet your needs.

For further information please contact:

Nicola Curry ,
Business Support Centre North West Regional College

Tel: 07809100689 or 028 71276526

Skills focus training business support centre

Funding for your Business

If you require help to develop your staff and grow your business there are several mechanisms and funding supports that enable us to assist you:

These are:

• InnovateUs
• Skills Focus
• Invest NI Innovation Vouchers
• Connected
• Assured Skills – Skills Academies
• Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)
• Technical Development Incentive (TDI)
• Invest NI Grant for R&D
• EU Funding


By clicking on above either more information appears as below or have below on a separate page

• InnovateUs
The Department for the Economy (DfE) funded InnovateUs programme enables small businesses with up to 50 employees to acquire the skills necessary to engage in innovation activities to help them grow their business.
The NWRC offers a flexible approach to delivering the support to meet the identified skills deficit within the company which will enable Product, Service, Process or Organisational innovation to take place. The Programme provides up to 30 hours skills training, which is fully funded by the DfE and delivered around the needs of the business. Innovation support can be given in the areas of ICT, Creative & Digital Media, Renewables, Food, Drink & Tourism, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing and Life & Health Services.

• Skills Focus
The DfE Skills Focus programme enables businesses with up to 250 employees to upskill or reskill employees in accredited training programmes at Level 2 or above. DfE will fund 75% of the training costs with the business paying the remaining 25%. Training delivered will be based on employers needs and can be delivered flexibly.

• Invest NI Innovation Vouchers
£5,000 Invest NI funding to develop innovative solutions, new products, new services or enhance existing products for your business through technical mentoring and R&D support from the NWRC (must be an NI company with less than 250 employees). These are fully funded with the company having to pay the VAT.

• Connected
Connected is a Department for the Economy funded programme to encourage, ease and increase potential knowledge exchange links between academia and industry, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The aim of Connected is to foster closer partnerships between our region’s businesses, both large and small, and the university/college departments who are keen to work with you.

• Assured Skills – Skills Academies
The Assured Skills programme aims to support the development of a skilled workforce for companies interested in creating jobs in Northern Ireland. The Department for the Economy can provide up to a maximum aid intensity of 70% of the eligible costs of bespoke training programmes. Applicants should be an Invest Northern Ireland client considering new inward investment or an expansion of their current business which will ultimately create new jobs.

• Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)
Funding to help improve your business competitiveness and productivity through a high-tech graduate R&D programme. This ensures the better use of knowledge, technology, and skills that are found within the UK academic sector.

• Technical Development Incentive (TDI)
Up to 50% Invest NI funding (max £5,000) for Invest NI client companies help with issues relating to product development, production and process operations (open to all businesses with up to 250 employees).

• Invest NI Grant for r & D
Funding to help your business with its reach and development activities, and facilitate development of new products or services (must be Invest NI Client or can demonstrate potential to become one).

• EU Funding
The NWRC is up-to-date with EU funding programmes and can attempt to assist your business with funding bids, where the NWRC can be your academic partner for R&D.

Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Business Incubation - NORIBIC

NORBIC is the EU Business and Innovation Centre for Northern Ireland. Its wider mission is to encourage innovation and support growth in Northern Ireland’s small business sector.


Since 2004, NORIBIC, in partnership with the North West Regional College has developed and managed Digital Media Works – Northern Ireland’s first multi-media (DMM) sector-specific incubator with a particular focus on the computer games industry. A co-working incubation centre designed to help pre-start and start-up businesses in the digital sector develop and grow in a supportive environment.


Located on campus within the NWRC Business Support Centre, the Incubator provides an easy access, low cost business co-working environment with access to a range of activities from conferences, events, workshops and training to technology, business, academic and internationalisation support through NORIBIC/NWRC.


It is a vibrant, knowledge-sharing environment where workspace, skills, resources and experience are shared eagerly among the co-workers. An added benefit of having this facility on NWRC campus is that it provides a massive opportunity to the upcoming talent for internships, apprenticeships and access to industry mentors. Current co-workers in residence are: Startacus, DerryLiveList, Kieda,Ross Harrison, Michael Arbuthnot and 2D_Danny



Have an idea? and/or thinking of starting a digital business? Get in touch with the NORIBIC/NWRC team at: /

Previous co-workers have included:

Zoo Creative,, Social Hub Derry, Lone Star Soul, Qubizm, Arrant Technology,, IMS Certify, Alien 8 Films formerly Ambient Light Productions, VO Software, Nyanko, SilverTongue Software, Attest Path, Phooka Entertainment and many more freelancers in the digital sector over the years.

Troll Inc Logo

Troll Inc is a video game studio comprising a highly innovative team of game developers.

Troll Inc develops and sells through distributors such as the Apple App Store, Google’s Play Store, Windows Store and Nintendo Wii U.
Their first released product Jellyflug went on sale 2012; since release it has been a critical success with strong reviews and sales.
Their upcoming products include Grand Theft Seagull and Jellyflug Antibody Assault.
Troll also supply services including game development, graphic design, app development and web design.
For more info:
Twitter @Troll_inc

Uproar Comics Logo

Uproar Comics

Another company, who have benefited greatly from NORIBIC’s business support, is UPROAR COMICS.
Initially known for the ‘ZOMBIES HI’ series of paperbased comics that launched in 2011, they have subsequently developed into a multi-media company: developing an app; exploring the options of film; and also actively promoting the Comic scene, both locally and further afield.
This collaborative approach has been aided, both by the hands on support offered by NORIBIC and also the collaborative atmosphere that working next to other new start-ups can bring.
Kevin Logue of UPROAR explained...

“With Troll Inc working in a completely different discipline, for example, their advice was invaluable when we started looking at how we could take ZOMBIES HI forward as an App. Working on your own, you just don’t get that immediate knowledge. Interacting with digital media enthusiasts from different business and technical backgrounds has been really beneficial for us! We feel like a family in here, when we can all work in support of each other.”

the employable Logo

The Employable

The Employable team come from a corporate business background, and have been based in NORIBIC since early 2012.
They, too, have a multi-faceted approach to their business development and their soon to be launched platform for the selfstarter, Startacus, has already been shortlisted for one national start up competition.
They also run a website offering empowering careers advice and they are just about to release their first ebook.
For them, NORIBIC provides that essential business element – a proper work-space.



The NWRC Business Support Centre (BSC) manages the College’s engagement with industry.
We provide support to business through training and upskilling and assisting businesses to source funding to undertake innovation and research and development.
Once we assist companies to secure the funding we then work with the companies to deliver tailored solutions, through our technical consultants and College academic staff.
If you have an idea or would like to discuss a potential opportunity for assistance please call us on 028 7127 6170
or email

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